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Nothing is censored. Mind, body, and soul are free to be expressed.


It’s Time

Now, for me to explain this takes more than a thought process. 

Expressing myself has never been an issue when it comes to words. Emotionally, now that’s a different story. 

Emotions have had me all over this place. I’ve loved hard, I have been spiteful, I’ve been sad, I’ve been content and so on. Needless to say, these emotions are never fully expressed properly. 

How should they be expressed?

No one knows. I don’t care who you ask. There is no “correct” way to express yourself. Expressing yourself needs to be done in whatever therapeutic way you need it to be done. 

I’ve come to many realizations that I am thankful for, regardless of the outcome. My mind helped me guide my heart properly to express myself without overdoing it. Exploring and fully understanding yourself changes your way of thinking. 

And now, I say thank you to myself. For the resilience and strength that you can bear. I thank my heart for allowing me to still love unconditionally and allowing yourself to feel. 

It’s time to open yourself.


Waiting and Wanting

When does the future come if everyday is the present?


The feeling of knowing something bad will happen never ceases to amaze me. Everything started out perfectly, but then again, nothing is ever perfect. I may be living in a fairy tale or I could be in denial about everything, but sometimes dreams are better than reality. Forcing yourself to be happy isn’t the way to be happy. happiness comes from within when you see something in yourself that brings you nothing but joy. Happiness comes from joy. The way that things are looking, I need to reevaluate the situation. I speak about being optimistic when I should be right now. Things always look up, so maybe the ending of this story will be better.


Youtube Is Destroying My Natural Hair!

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair

*The photos above show my hair this year! As you can see, although my hair is still long,  it pretty much appears that my hair is at a stand still.*

Ok…Maybe not Youtube, but the title does have a ring to it! LOL!


I know that this my sound totally crazy, but I was inspired to write this blog due to my recent hair war. Yes, it is an all out war now! We are in the middle of a full battle, blowing up hair products and all! It’s going down!

This year has been my worse year in managing my hair. I feel like early this year I was really trying to focus on low manipulation, but my videos were becoming repetitive and just plain boring! So, I went back to the old me and starting delivering those styles again. I do enjoy that though.  Who wants to…

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Everything that we know becomes meaningless every day. Something new is learned and achieved and we as a people have to reevaluate our perspectives to conform to what we know as society. Things are being thrown at us constantly and many of us don’t know how to handle each situation. Personally, I’ve gone through situations impromptu due to irregular situations. Meditate on what you know from intuition versus facts. They both can lead into ditches, but anything is worth the risk. As a people we have to stop depending on the media and the “government” to tell us information. Open your mindset to different perspectives. Take a look at other cultures and see how they interpret people. Don’t be blind and ignorant of what goes on around you. Open your mind before your mouth. Take time to listen to the people around you. Naturally, they shape the person that you ultimately become.


But I REALLY Want It!!!

But I REALLY Want It!!!

Ever have those time when you want something, but your budget doesn’t allow it? Well that’s me literally every time I’m out shopping. Being a college definitely cuts back on my finances. I have some shopping issues, like shopaholic type. Every one has that little voice in their head that says buy it even though you don’t need it. Well my problem happens to be with shoes. I absolutely love them. But here’s the kicker, I HATE wearing shoes. It’s just better to be barefoot. I love to look at shoes and have them, but not to wear them at all. I know that’s so ass backwards and all, but its the truth. I’ve even found some thrifted shoes that was in my budget, so I’m doing pretty good at budgeting myself. Whenever you have that voice that screams “BUY IT” don’t do it. It’ll wind you in a financial squeeze and have you regretting your items. Trust me, it’s me every time!


Homemade Body Butter

Homemade Body Butter

For those looking for new remedies for dry hair, I’ve found a solution. I have made a butter that is dual purpose for hair and skin. It’s made with some simple at home oils and butter.
Shea Butter 1/2-1 cup
Jojoba Oil 1 tbsp
Coconut Oil ” ”
Sweet Almond Oil ” ”
Vitamin E Oil ” ”
Aloe Vera Gel (Optional for hair) 1 tsp
Hand Mixer
Instructions are quite simple:
a) Begin heating the shea butter lightly, but not to a melt
b) once the butter is slightly to a melt, begin mixing until blended into a whip
c) while mixing, begin adding your oils (this can include fragrance and essential oils)
d)when everything is done being mixed use an old plastic or metal container for storage.
e) lastly, let butter sit for a few hours and until it’s cooled down enough

Have Fun with it! Don’t be afraid to try other oils that aren’t listed