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But I REALLY Want It!!!

But I REALLY Want It!!!

Ever have those time when you want something, but your budget doesn’t allow it? Well that’s me literally every time I’m out shopping. Being a college definitely cuts back on my finances. I have some shopping issues, like shopaholic type. Every one has that little voice in their head that says buy it even though you don’t need it. Well my problem happens to be with shoes. I absolutely love them. But here’s the kicker, I HATE wearing shoes. It’s just better to be barefoot. I love to look at shoes and have them, but not to wear them at all. I know that’s so ass backwards and all, but its the truth. I’ve even found some thrifted shoes that was in my budget, so I’m doing pretty good at budgeting myself. Whenever you have that voice that screams “BUY IT” don’t do it. It’ll wind you in a financial squeeze and have you regretting your items. Trust me, it’s me every time!


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