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It’s Time

Now, for me to explain this takes more than a thought process. 

Expressing myself has never been an issue when it comes to words. Emotionally, now that’s a different story. 

Emotions have had me all over this place. I’ve loved hard, I have been spiteful, I’ve been sad, I’ve been content and so on. Needless to say, these emotions are never fully expressed properly. 

How should they be expressed?

No one knows. I don’t care who you ask. There is no “correct” way to express yourself. Expressing yourself needs to be done in whatever therapeutic way you need it to be done. 

I’ve come to many realizations that I am thankful for, regardless of the outcome. My mind helped me guide my heart properly to express myself without overdoing it. Exploring and fully understanding yourself changes your way of thinking. 

And now, I say thank you to myself. For the resilience and strength that you can bear. I thank my heart for allowing me to still love unconditionally and allowing yourself to feel. 

It’s time to open yourself.


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