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Homemade Body Butter

Homemade Body Butter

For those looking for new remedies for dry hair, I’ve found a solution. I have made a butter that is dual purpose for hair and skin. It’s made with some simple at home oils and butter.
Shea Butter 1/2-1 cup
Jojoba Oil 1 tbsp
Coconut Oil ” ”
Sweet Almond Oil ” ”
Vitamin E Oil ” ”
Aloe Vera Gel (Optional for hair) 1 tsp
Hand Mixer
Instructions are quite simple:
a) Begin heating the shea butter lightly, but not to a melt
b) once the butter is slightly to a melt, begin mixing until blended into a whip
c) while mixing, begin adding your oils (this can include fragrance and essential oils)
d)when everything is done being mixed use an old plastic or metal container for storage.
e) lastly, let butter sit for a few hours and until it’s cooled down enough

Have Fun with it! Don’t be afraid to try other oils that aren’t listed


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