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Youtube Is Destroying My Natural Hair!

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair

*The photos above show my hair this year! As you can see, although my hair is still long,  it pretty much appears that my hair is at a stand still.*

Ok…Maybe not Youtube, but the title does have a ring to it! LOL!


I know that this my sound totally crazy, but I was inspired to write this blog due to my recent hair war. Yes, it is an all out war now! We are in the middle of a full battle, blowing up hair products and all! It’s going down!

This year has been my worse year in managing my hair. I feel like early this year I was really trying to focus on low manipulation, but my videos were becoming repetitive and just plain boring! So, I went back to the old me and starting delivering those styles again. I do enjoy that though.  Who wants to…

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